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Wines and spirits - Evaluation guide


Each description in this catalogue is the result of a careful external analysis that took into consideration the level of filling, the condition of the capsule, the label and the colour. Please, note that they are identifying descriptions and they do not replace direct examination by customers, who are always encouraged to examine the lots first-hand. The descriptions cannot under any circumstances replace the tasting judgement which remains the only effective one regarding the real organoleptic value of the wine. The levels of the bottles have been described according to the reference index here below, although in older bottles the level of the wine may vary between the time of cataloguing and the time of shipping as corks over twenty years old lose elasticity. The risk of cork failure should also be considered. All statements concerning the conditions of the lots represent the opinion of experts, that are in no way binding with regards to Nomisma Aste . In order to protect the state of preservation, the bottles will not be displayed during the auction, as they will remain stored in our cellar. Each lot is sold ‘as is’. Potential buyers are invited to ask our experts for a detailed report on the condition of each lot. It is also possible to examine the bottles previous booked appointment. 



The filling level of a bottle is a parameter that is taken into great consideration when assessing the value of a bottle. According to international convention, the acronyms listed below are used as a reference index.

Within neck (WN): a young wine or in exceptional condition.
Bottom neck (BN): completely acceptable for any age of wine.
Top shoulder (TS): usual level for wines over 15 years old.
Shoulder (S): normal levels of wines from 10 to 15 years of age.
Mid-shoulder (MS): usually some deterioration of the cork and therefore, some variation usual level for wines over 20 years old.
Low shoulder (LS): usually some deterioration of the cork and therefore some variation. Common for wines over 25 years old.
Bottom shoulder (BS): very unpredictable, therefore wines with a low Estimate.



Half bottle: 0,375 Lt.

bt(s) bottle(s): 0,75 Lt.

MGM (Magnum): 1,5 Lt.

DMGM (Double Magnum): 3 Lt.

Jer (Jeroboam): 3 Lt.

Imperial: 6 Lt.

Met (Mathusalem): 6 Lt.

Salmanazar: 9 Lt.

Balthazar: 12 Lt.

Melchior: 18 Lt.

Lt.: Litres



In the description of the lots, after the appellation of origin, is reported, when possible, the score assigned by the experts of Wine Spectator, the most reputable and internationally established trade magazine - hereafter WS. 

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